This is a one off designer buckle and belt made for a customer

100% made in brtain


Devanet® takes great pleasure in helpoing customers who want something out of the ordinary, something you just cannot buy off the shelf, it can be a buckle, a belts, a piece of jewellery or a bespoke creation that you wish to give to a special someone.


It is not easy to find typical solutions from a conventional retail store, so we decided to offer this one off commissioning service, which has proved to be very popular for our customers. So how do you go about ordering such a gift.


Firstly we require a brief, description and if possible a drawing, photos are accepted for certain designs where print is required but not for casat of machined products. It is important to provide as much detail for this one off custom made product. For example if it is a pendant, a budget on what you can afford for this gift, the shape, dimensions, material you would like to use, the finish, any branding, engraving and finally the presentation of the gift.


Once the brief has beenb accpeted, we will presentyou with a quotation outlining all the elements and finishes, the price and lead time. It is imporrttant to stress that if you require your gift at a certain date, you must let us know this at the begining so we can determine if it is possibke for us to complete on time.


Once we have an order, the next stage is to create a visual of the design for you to approve, this nornally covers all the attributes you have requested, if there any omissions in certan areas, we will use our knowledge and skills to include what we think is a good fit. It is then up to you to either accept or let us have details of any amendment.


Once we have passed the visual stage, we proceed with manufacture, at this stage costs have been incurred and we cannot make any changes without additional charges being made, so it is important to ensure that any request for changes are given to us before we complete your order.


When you order is completed, it will pass througth quality control to make sure everything is as specified and signed off for despatch. Your product automnatically is guaranteed for 12 months fork date of manufacture for your peace of mind. Please note we are not respinsible in any way for accidents or breakages, damage to the item other than faulty workmanship or materials. Every one off product is photographed before despatch and recorede in an each job file.




A custom made golf trophy A gift for Michael Campbell (Golf Professional)
Bespoke initial buckle and belt for birthday A 21st birthday for Hamish in gunmetal with belt

Bespoke one off buckle for Brookfield Golf Club Custom buckle for JC
Custom buckle embellished with Swarovski crystals ARB Engraved Initial Buckle
JC Cutout initials buckle RL Buckle embellished with Swarovski Crystals

Signature Award in solid brass Custom initial buckle with belt



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