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Devanet Design Services - 3D Modelling

Devanét® are a totally integrated design and manufacturing facility who provide tailor made services to the trade and inidividual entrepreneurs who require design, prototyping and manufacturing services. The design service is comprehensive as it encompasses everything from the brief, sketch, modelling to the physical representation of the design with a high resolution model.


Investment in local design and fast prototyping provides a fast and accurate modelling capability in a range of different resins to emulate what a production unit would like - all this completed within a week from receipt of suitable artwork..


Supported by qualified personnel, Devanét® employ software modelling tools and graphic design elements to facilitate the construction of the customers design requirements.


Once the design has been completed and approved, a rapid 3D prototype model is produced so that the customer can see an actual sample all beit in a resin based material from which production can then be programmed. All of these services are all conducted in house with latest state of the art 3D print capability and supporting design software.


What areas of design are offered, ostensibly Devanet® have focused their attention to the development of metal hardware associated with the fashion industry, such as buckles, belts, handbag components, associated with this certain high end jewellery products and a custom service to the resellers who supply the craft industry, corporate, promotional and golf trade which involves the design of awards, signage, components made of different materials and gifts which are branded with logos or crests.


The services that Devanet provide are somewhat unique as the design service is complemented by a totally integrated manufacturing support service which includes branding and finishing services not offered by many others in the UK.

Hat breather components
Hat breather
From samples to fully functional lightweight rapid prototype
Golf ferrule
Carbon fibre molded golf ferrules
From an STL file - Rapid prototype - RTV Mold - Carbon fibre finished Golf ferrule
Back of custom bucle by Devanet Tyre prototype
Custom prototype for buckle design
*Prototype of tyre showing precision of design
Fexible resin example
Wax resin tree of rings
*Flexible resin prototype example
Wax resin tree of rings
Screenshot of 3d model print
Burner Designed by Devanet
From a conceptual model design to a gold finished completed product with 4 components
Skull in soid brass plated by Devanet
Skull buckle design by devanet
Skull design created from a sketch - 3d model - then CNC Machined solid brass buckle
*Acknowledgement to Formlabs for inages produced - showing versatility of our equipment




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