Vegan Leather

Devanét® has been developing a range of Vegan leather products in cooperation with a number of innovative manufacturers of this environmentally friendly product. There is however a lack of general understanding of what is really Vegan leather as many people seem to think it is vegetable based, this is far from the truth.


There are two specific sectors of what is referred to as VEGAN leather and should be broken down into natural and man made. Man made Vegan leather is also referred to as faux leather.


Vegan man made leather, is often manufactured from Polyurethane based material, sometimes PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) but PVC has other harmful substances and cannot be truly an eco friendly material. Other Vegan man made leathers are made from recycled textile polymer composites..


Vegan leather can also be used from recycled plastics where waste plastics are combined with other man made raw materials to make leather.


There are products now being made which use the waste leather and recycle it into usable leather and many car manufacturers, airlines, and trains use this type of dual reprocessed leather to help the environment - so although not Vegan leather - these products are helping in some way, however it must be stressed they are not Vegan as they still use animal skinned leather, although reconstituted.


Vegan natural leather has become more prevalent in many facets of industry using raw materials like cork, fruit waste, coffee beans, pineapple leaves and more innovative developments are ongoing.



More than a billion animals are slaughtered every year for their skins and other things, the processing of leather has a detrimental affect on the environment although changes are being and are made to reduce this by using vegetable dyes. Nevertheless there are worthy considerations to look at planet earth friendly products, or at least products that do not add to the damage plastics and animal skins are having on our environment.


Vegan leathers man made are eco friendly, they do minimise waste. They have positive characteristics, can be made in various colours and thicknesses, they can be breathable, waterproof, stitchable, capable of being embossed, laminated to other substrates, however they are not without their failings, as no vegan man made leather is 100% bio -degradable. However we are working with the manufacturers to develop products that are helping in some way to reduce our carbon footprint, use recyclable materials and are an alternative to natural leather.


So onto natural Vegan leathers, Cork of course is a natural vegan leather, which when created with other products are sustainable, can be recycled, are environmentally friendly and possess many benefits in the make up of belts, hand bags, wallets etc. It is waterproof, stain resistant, interestingly harvested cork absorbs more Carbon Dioxide than unharvested cork. In hot climates like Portugal cork is more sustainable over other trees because it's bark does not burn easily. Most cork leathers are backed with a fabric to improve its structural integrity when created as sheets or rolls.


We love Cork leather as it is a natural earth friendly product, it can be processed in so many ways, it is sustainable and above all Cork leather is versatile and can be made into so many different products with a little ingenuity.


Devanet® have developed a range of Vegan leather cork products and are working with other cork producers to offer a wide range of this socially and eco friendly natural products, from belts, wallets handbags, key rings, corporate gifts and home accessories.


Another product which is classed as man made Vegan leather is recycled from plastic waste, we are working with the developer of this product to create another range of eco friendly belts, gifts, ladies fashion accessories, wallets, card holders, keyrings, dog collars and leads, cat collars and leads and custom designed corporate gifts.


Here are some examples of the products we are creating and using for our Vegan leather range.



Our first product is called ECOSPORT VEGAN , is produced with 50% PU and 50% PA+\- 10%, it does not contain any PVC for good reason. The finished material satisfies Reach Rules and California Preposition 65. This Vegan leather is finished using water based pigments.


ECOSPORT VEGAN possesses characteristics and features that closely resemble leather buit with added benefits. It is lighweight, washable, durable, it cuts without fraying, it is non toxic, non allergenic and abrasion resistant.


ECOSPORT VEGAN can be dry cleaned with fluorinated hydrocaabons, ironed on the baclk at 100 c and can be pressed on the front face as long as damp cloth is used on the face. It cannot be cleaned or treated with Chlorides or alcohol as these will soften the material and it will loose it inherent properties.


Devanet® have tested the ECOSPORT VEGAN material is a production environment and found excellent workability, for heat embossing, laminating, die cutting, edge dyeing and burnishing, stitching and bonding to other subatrates. Stretch is limited by the processing applied by Devanet®


The ECOPORT VEGAN leather is supplied as standard in 1.5 and 2 mm thickness, and Devanet can laminate up to 3 or 4 mm thickness as required. The material is supplied in rolls of 1400 mm width and 20 metres long.


Devanet® have tested the products for applications including belts, wallets, card holders, coasters, keyrings, dog collars and leads, iphone and ipad covers, jewellery such as bracelets, scarf rings and the material can be also used to convert products for home use such as table mats, handbags, furniture, car seats,




If your company is interested in our ECOPOSPORT VEGAN leather and how we can make products for you, please contact our sales office for further information.



We know that cork is a tree based natural resosource that is converted into various ecofriendly products. It is a truily unique material blessed with inherent features that makes it viable for so many applications from sport, automative, safety, fashion, decor and corporate gifts.






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